BVSR - Exam - Section

BVSR Engineering College has a fully equipped Examination Section headed by the Head of the Institution and Coordinated by Two Officer In charge and one Online Examination in charge. The activities of examination section were distributed to the individual departments for conduction of Mid-term and Laboratory examinations by assigning to Department Examination In charges. We periodically conduct meetings to take necessary steps to coordinate Mid-term/Laboratory/Theory/Viva examinations under the supervision of Chief Superintendent of Examinations. Resolutions of the meeting will be approved by the Chairman and Governing body of the college.

The exam section services to students:
1. Subject Registration of Students for University Regular Examinations Semester wise.
2. Subject Registration of Students for University Supply Examinations Semester wise.
3. Conduction of Online Examinations and uploading Marks dumps to online examination portal of university by Online Examination In charge and coordinators.
4. Conduction of Internal and External Practical Examinations as per the University guidelines and schedules.
5. Uploading the awarded internal marks (both theory & Labs) to the University Examination Portal.

Present Team of Exam Section:
1. Dr. Y. Dasaratha Rami Reddy – Chief Superintendent.
2. Mr. Y. Lakshmi Narayana – Officer In-Charge of Examination.
3. Smt. B. Jaya Lakshmi – Examinations Coordinator.